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How to protect your mobile apps or computers from ransomware attack?

How to protect your mobile apps or computers from ransomware attack?

Ransomware shook up the internet world, by hijacking millions of computers worldwide. Ransomware is a malware that hackers use to take the control of computers. Till now they have hijacked more than 200000 computers in 150 countries, including of hospitals, tech companies and universities. So, including mobile app development companies in Florida and California, all tech companies as well as healthcare companies are taking special care to fight ransomware.

If you want to protect your system, websites or mobile apps, below I have provided some important tips that helps you protect your computers from ransomware attack.  

Backup Your Files

The best way to be safe from ransomware is back up all the files, information and images from your system to another system completely. External hard disk is the best place to move your information. That means if you have been attacked, the hacker cannot see any information on your system.

Avoid clicking on suspicious links and doing unnecessary downloads

Ransomware can spread through several ways, i.e. while you opened suspicious e-mails or clicked on suspicious files. When it comes to app, you should not download any app that is not verified by the official store, and also you should read the reviews before installing any programs or apps.

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Install antivirus program

Antivirus programs well scan the files to see if the file or application that you are going to download contain ransomware or not. The antivirus can block secret installations from malicious adverts when browsing on the web. And also it look for malware that is already in your computer or device.

Always install updates

You should install updates to your software regularly when it is available. Doing so will help you avoid latest viruses.

Don’t use unknown Wi-Fi

Don’t use any unknown Wi-Fi on your smartphone, instead it is better to invest on good data pack. The cost of data pack can be higher, but by using your own mobile network, you can safeguard your bank account details too.

Keep Password Always Private

You should change your net banking password or any other transaction-oriented password for every 72 days. You should not have the predictable passwords like (123456), instead you should use symbols, alphabets and numbers to have a strong password.

Never pay ransom

If ransomware attacks, don’t pay any ransom (money). Paying may encourage attackers to do more attacks. And also there is no guarantee that they decrypt your files.

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6 Tips and Tricks to Achieve More Downloads for Your App

6 Tips and Tricks to Achieve More Downloads for Your App

Now a day’s all sorts of businesses are developing mobile app to attract more new and existing customers. So there is an increased demand for mobile app development companies in North Carolina, London and across the world. Businesses give high prominence for app development, but neglect app store optimization. App store optimization is the method of increasing your app installs through various techniques. Here some tips and tricks to do ASO to achieve more downloads.

Selecting the Right Title

Title of your app is a key factor to rank your app, so choose it wisely. Make sure your targeted word (keyword) is in the title. But make sure the keywords are not stuffed, your app may be rejected because of this reason.

Choose Situational Keywords

Based on how many downloads and how much traffic your app is getting, you need to adjust keywords. For example, if your mobile app is getting more traffic and downloads, then you can target more competitive keywords that have higher traffic. If you have just launched the app, I suggest you to choose the keywords that have less competition. There are likely some keywords that are less targeted, but have decent traffic. 

Localize By Country

Every app store is separated geographically by country, so you should localize your app to be discovered in different languages. App store allows you to change the Meta data within your app depending on the country where your keywords are searched. Some companies use Google Translate or get the help of native speakers to localize their apps. Localization is a key component for having an effective global presence. Just think of all the untapped markets that you can reach and how easily you can increase more users with this market.

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Use Powerful Images and Wordings

Once people are able to explore your app, the rest depends on encouraging them to download the app. To optimize conversions, you should use attractive images and content. Make sure your app will include important aspects and also make sure captions in the pitchers. You’d be surprised to see how a simple tweak of an image or word increased downloads.  

Pay Attention to Ratings, Reviews and descriptions

Rating and reviews don’t impact your ranking much, but they have more impact on conversion rates. The app that has more positive reviews users probably get more downloads. And also make sure your app include an interesting and enticing description to explain users what your app about.

Follow the Data

App store optimization is a long-term process, which need your time and experience. You have to properly check your keywords over the period of time, and also you have to check images and description on changing trends. So make sure you follow the data and find out what works for your app specifically.  

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How To Reduce Your Mobile app development Cost?

How To Reduce Your Mobile app development Cost?

Today everyone knows that mobile app development is the best way to making money, in fact there are many situations when the development of mobile apps can actually be an expensive matter. This often happens because people haven’t planned before, or they don't know the right steps to follow. Important consideration is that they should create the blueprint of the mobile app development project well before. It will help to control the cost.

The mobile app development cost depends on various factors, including features and functionalities, and platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. The important thing is that any app aspirant should not compromise with the quality. Here are some of the important tips to consider to reduce app development cost.

Share the Costs:

It is a good idea to share the costs between developers and business. The app owner can ask developers develop app at free cost or lower cost, in return of sharing possible profit. So developers can also get rights on the app, and you can make sure that the development project is complete. There are many mobile app development companies in USA that enter into this type of agreement.

Focus on important parts:

In fact, in the first version of the app, you no need to put all in one basket. Important thing is that focusing on only key features and functionalities. If you insert a bundle of features, it will cost you more time and money.

Make some research:

You need to do proper research about similar app in the market, and you need to be set with all the requirement you need for your app to avoid possible mistakes. If mobile app development is planned with a detailed workflow, requirements and the goals, it is possible to complete the project at less cost.

Take advantage of the open source app development frameworks:

To reduce the app development cost, you can use cross platform app development frameworks. You can find these online and decide which one will fit to your project.

Should not use many custom graphics:

Mobile apps are miscellaneous, there are many common elements such as buttons, navigation styles and many other details to be included into it. So keep the app simple and avoid irrelevant graphics.

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Optimize your team:

Divide tasks clearly and wisely among the people who are working on this project, by considering each person's skills. Smaller tasks can be given to junior developers.

Offer Feedback:

If you’re outsourcing the project, the important is to review your work regularly. You need to pay more attention on how they are working, and give feedback on the received works, so that the app developer can make corrections quickly.

It is not a rocket-science to reduce mobile app development costs. By dividing the tasks, removing non-essential features and design elements, you can save money and time. 

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How to Protect Mobile App Idea?

How to Protect Mobile App Idea?

You may have a brilliant idea for a new mobile app, but if you are new to the mobile app development world, you should be concerned about protecting your app idea. When you got brilliant idea, you should also think about protecting the idea. Here are some of the important tips to follow to protect your App Idea:


Use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is the standard document that helps you protect your app idea. Before disclosing your app idea with anyone, you are suggested to get signed NDA form from them. If they disclose your idea with anyone and if any damage is happened to your app idea, the signers will be responsible for that. You can make NDA agreement done through lawyers or online. Make sure that people who have signed have provided their formal name and right correct address. The NDA form is one of the most important documents that you can use to secure your app idea.


Disclose only selective information:

You should not provide complete info of your app idea during the beginning stage of the app development. For Example, if you want to share your app idea with the developer for estimation, you shouldn’t disclose your entire app ides to the developers. You can get estimation on the standard features, not disclosing unique features. Once you’ve built strong relationship with them, you can share more details with them.


Check Authenticity of the Recipient:

When you want to disclose information to others, you should research on them and check their history, authenticity and credentials. When disclosing it with the app development company, make sure that the company is well established, it has been in the market for long time and already developed good apps. So it is better to share info with only top mobile app development companies. But if you want to go for freelancer who doesn’t have any experience or established history, you need to be very careful. But while you are speaking with professional investors, venture capitalists or angel investors who have rich history in backing up app ventures, you can give more preference to them. However, there should be no discussion about the idea before the NDA is signed.


Publish Your MVP ASAP:

It is better to publishing your minimum viable product as soon as possible. When you publish your app in the market, then your app idea will get protected under copyright law. Published apps get protected like published books. By publishing your application as soon as possible, you’ll have first mover advantage in the market. 


Include Your Design in Trademark:

Before developing mobile app completely, you should get done your app design which does not take more time. Once done, you can add your design, and logo in trademark category. It will give some form of protection to your app. Thought it doesn’t act like patent, still you can use it in court if someone copies your idea.


Think About Provisional Patent:

Filing for the patent is time and money consuming process. If you don’t want to go for patenting directly, you can go for provisional patent. You can get it done without the help of lawyer. You can visit USPTO website and follow the process. Your idea could be protected for the next one year. During the year, you can get enough feedback on your app idea to determine whether it is needed a full patent or not. If needed, you can go for lawyers help for full patent.


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Influence of Mobile Apps on E-Commerce

Influence of Mobile Apps on E-Commerce

Now a days mobile app development is becoming more popular. Many mobile devices and latest technologies focused on both business and consumers are gaining momentum in being adopted. This we can see more in e-commerce businesses. Mobile usage is increasing day by day throughout the world. Let’s see some important factors that show how mobile application change the face of e-commerce. 

Mobile commerce and shopping:

Now a days there is an increased demand for e-commerce application. Now it is becoming requisite for e-commerce portals to have their own mobile app because 70% to 75% shoppers prefer to use app. It is easy to use as well, so users prefer to shop on their apps instead using laptops or going through website.

Quicker Purchasing Capability:

Most of the purchases happen within a fraction of seconds through mobile app. User don’t take more time for buying decision if the payment is enabled through the same app. If the apps are developed well and have good UI design, users can stay longer time on the app. It is truly possible when the app is developed with experienced expert mobile app developers.

Increased reliance

When mobile app is secure and it loads faster, no crashing, a perfect UI experience, user can find it reliable. It is one of the most dramatic impacts businesses can make on customers through app.

Brand Loyalty:

If your e-Commerce app is feature-loaded and heavy to use, customers don’t stay for a longer time in the app, they might remove the app. Once you build a loyalty, users won’t show much interest to download many apps of similar kind.


Having trust is more important when there is payment involved. When mobile app downloads and positive reviews are increased that have garnered through fine security and privacy, people won’t hesitate to do online payment using plastic money.

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Why Mobile App is Essential for the Growth of Business?

Why Mobile App is Essential for the Growth of Business?

No matter whether you are selling products online or providing door to door catering service, your customers always expect the best service from you. The enhanced customer experience benefits both you (business owners) and your customers in a large extent. A proper use of mobile technology, especially of mobile apps is one of the best ways to make richer your customer experience. How mobile apps can help your business to increase both revenue and popularity? Let us look at the points that highlight the importance of mobile apps for business.

Retention of existing customers:

Existing customers are like fish in the pond, while potential customers are like fish in the sea. There is no guarantee you will catch fish in the sea, but it is sure, fish in the pond is in your hand. So, it is always important enhancing existing customers’ experience. If you are not serious about existing customer service, they may look towards your competitors.

Offer your customers a highly interactive mobile app, whatever your business size is, which will help your customers to get notifications of special offers, events and launches and make their purchase easier and faster. If your customers are happy, you business automatically gets accelerated.

Tool to enhance your brand value:      

The continuous enhancement of your brand value helps to get new customers and large amount of revenue. Since mobile apps are sharable tools, if your existing customer is fond of your mobile app, he will surely share your app with his friends and relatives. Once your app gets branded, you will no need to concentrate more on promoting your business. The best example is WhatsApp. There are many WhatsApp like apps in the market, but how many mobile users like other apps more than WhatsApp?

To rise above your competitors:

Since competition is getting tight in the business world day by day, businesses always try to find innovative ways to engage customers. Mobile App is one of the newest marketing channels businesses use to grab the attention of potential customers. Achieving top position in Google ranking is one of the useful ways to gain new customers, while mobile app is great tool to retain the attention of them. If you stand out in both, it is sure you will rise above the competition.

To know your customers better:

Comparing any other methods, mobile apps are greatly helpful for businesses to know their customer information such as interests, age, and location.  If you know your customers date of birth, you can wish them and send offers according to their interests through the app. It will help you to build rapport with customers and increase business revenue significantly.

Compete in a global market:

“Customer is a real asset of the business”. Be available for your customers wherever they are. You can be available for them anywhere by including location tracking in your apps. Wherever your customer may be, you can notify him about the latest deals and discounts on your products available at the closest store to him. It enables your customers to keep in touch with your service wherever, whenever you are. If your product start to increase its demand in outside market, it will be easier for you to get noticed in global level.

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The various elements of Mobile Application Development:

The various elements of Mobile Application Development:

Mobile applications are on the rage now-a-days for marketing purpose. Phones are implied for calls, as well as can be useful in regular exercises, for example, web searching, data, charge installment, energize and diversions, and so on. Utilizing the mobile application development innovation, we are currently ready to see the inventive and multitudinous offerings. The method comprises of different quantities of components which makes programming components by joining those. Smartphones likewise change in Operating System and it is truly imperative know which gadget stage you need to make. A fruitful application is made by the blend of improved innovation and diverse procedures. Understanding the scene of the compact gadgets and utilizing the various abilities set, you can make an artful culmination. Recreations, business applications and everyday use applications are there, for example, climate, mini-computer applications, and so forth. Along these lines, the time it now, time you adjust the advertising term and contract an expert office master in this field.


The first element in making these applications incorporates the OS platforms. There are iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows gadgets. Likewise, all the android devices shift with their highlights. Since diverse organizations acquire distinctive casing their devices. Each of them is remarkable and one application won't run on all the stages. A particular application is implied for a particular stage. An Android App won't run on the iOS, Blackberry or the Windows telephones. It is imperative to pick the right stage for the development. In the event that you are a business and attempting to achieve individuals, you should understand your audience. In the event that you need to achieve the businessmen, or ordinary individuals. This will help you to edge and give a structure for a mobile programming and art the innovation arrangement. You can likewise make your mobile application for all the devices. Step by step applications and methods are advancing. By getting to huge arrangement of back-end information, you can exploit the web accelerate, information source assembly and help achievement in the continuous examination. It highlights a quicker business methodology and quickly deciding. Cost is a real concern obviously.


The majority of the IT firms and online organizations are launching their business to highlight in the mobile devices, by developing various application such as Android apps development, iPhone apps development, iPad apps development, windows apps development & facebook app development to measure sales. It is your time to put resources into productive mobile application innovation &hire an agency who can give you fruitful result. Find a mobile app development company and perform a little research about them. In the wake of figuring out everything about the organization and in the event that it is solid, you are ready. Utilize the power of Android and iPhone devices to achieve the media through the smart phones.